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What to look for in a tutor

A good tutor doesn’t necessarily replace a teacher, rather they complement the education system, providing your child with extra confidence and tools to handle the learning process.

So if you’re looking to engage a tutor to assist with your child’s learning journey, here are the top five traits to look for.


It almost goes without saying that a tutor should be an expert in their field, with a comprehensive knowledge of the current education system and recent changes, along with the curriculum covered.

You’re also looking for a person with an intricate understanding of how different students respond to different learning techniques. Essentially a tutor will furnish your child with skills to understand a subject or area better allowing them to decode and comprehend matter in a way that suits them.

This person may be an education professional or have achieved outstanding results personally in their field, but their innate ability involves breaking down subject matter and translating this expertise to their pupils.

Good communicator

As your tutor will be working with you and your child to achieve results, they should be a good listener and solid communicator. This means they will hear what you have to say about areas your child needs assistance, and work to examine the underlying reasons for why a student may be struggling.

They will then effectively communicate with you and your child about the methods they intend to use to assist, and the outcomes they expect may occur.


In a role that may be slightly different to that of a teacher, the tutor should be accessible and approachable. This is the person who will gain your child’s trust and allow them to assist them in areas where they may be struggling.

The will be good communicators, warm and accountable, and if possible should enable learning to be fun as they build your child’s confidence and ability to tackle tasks they may have found challenging.


Critically, the best tutors will arm your child with education strategies that work for the student – whether that’s the ability to look at maths differently, to come at an English assignment with fresh skills, or by furnishing your child with a better background on basic areas.

They will have a number of strategies in their teaching arsenal to allow them to communicate concepts and theories to students of differing abilities and learning types.


The reputation of excellent tutors often precedes them. These are people renowned for working with different students to achieve results.

It’s a great idea when hunting around for the right tutor to ask if they can refer you to current or previous clients to gauge their abilities and the techniques they use.

These “testimonials” allow you to ascertain whether this tutor has the skillset and experience required to meet your particular child’s needs.

Meanwhile the best tutors will have a way to justify or quantify the results they’ve achieved, particularly with senior or HSC students.

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