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Working Together

From Lurnea High School to Mudgee Library in rural NSW, Chalkwall (formerly Alpha Omega Education) has always been delighted to work with different schools and libraries all around the state. The growth and success of schools and their students has always been in our best interest since we started, more than 26 years ago.

Chalkwall is a firm believer in the benefits of working cooperatively with parents, educators and the wider community to ensure the academic and personal success of students. As they embark upon the challenging years of their schooling, students will benefit most from this experience if supported by these stakeholders. This support can often determine a student’s ability to achieve their personal best during and beyond school.

Chalkwall has had the pleasure of working with; Lurnea High School, Moorebank High School, James Meehan High School, Mountain View High School, Bass Hill High School, Sir Joseph Banks High School, Barnardos Auburn, Greenacre Neighborhood Centre, Auburn Council, Leichardt Council, Parramatta Library, Auburn Library and Mudgee Library.

Our Services

Chalkwall is known for quality teaching, educational workshops and empowering seminars. Many schools and libraries are impressed with what we offer and as a result have requested that we conduct these programs at their premises.

Chalkwall workshops & seminars emerged as a solution to inspire, educate and empower the students of NSW. It is essentially a school support program that helps motivate students to set the right goals to success.

There are two components: academic based workshops and motivational seminars focused on skills.

Academic workshops prepare students for major academic milestones including NAPLAN, Year 11 Preliminary exams and the HSC.

Motivational seminars develop important skills such as time management, stress control and exam strategies which have a profound impact on students’ attitude towards their studies.

Our experienced and enthusiastic presenters have inspired many students in the past to achieve greatness in all facets of their lives.


Jennie Harold | Head Teacher Administration | Randwick Boys High School

“Wesam was fantastic!! He really engaged the boys and spoke to them on their terms. His presentation was entertaining and insightful. He had our boys eating out of the palm of his hand (so to speak)…and for a whole two hours!!!
I have passed on his name and contact details to staff at Liverpool Boys High School as I will no longer be working there this year. I’m not sure if Alpha Omega have any offices in the Eastern suburbs, but I will now be working at Randwick Boys High School and would gladly recommend your services to my new students and colleagues.
Thanks again, and I hope Liverpool has him back this year!”

Rene Cahill | PAS Deputy | Lurnea High School

“We have found them quite beneficial to our students because it has reinforced a lot of the work that we have been doing at the school to prepare students for NAPLAN and the School Certificate exams.The presenters are engaging and very enthusiastic and most importantly relate really well to our students. It’s a different face in front of the kids as well and sometimes that different face is what the kids needs just to be engaged again. If I was to say anything to other schools about the Alpha Omega workshops it could only be positive. We’ve been doing it for the past four years and we will continue to use them.”

Vincent Frangipane | James Meehan High School | Head of Department – PE

“The bottom line is, they really do care about education. They are not here to spruik their company at all. They are here to help the students come up with right decisions.”

Bill Hilliard | Deputy Principal | Homebush Boys High School

“It is one of the few times students will get the opportunity to get an overview from someone who is not their regular teacher. I recommend these workshops for students in any school no matter what their current performance or ability level is.”

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