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10% of Chalkwall HSC students scored above a 99 ATAR in 2015.
Students who stay with Chalkwall through to their HSC are 3 times more likely to get an ATAR above 90 then those who don’t. (Based on the 2015 HSC Chalkwall cohort)
98% was the average ATAR of students in our Dream Team Program.
ALL Chalkwall students achieved an ATAR above 90 in our Dream Team Program.
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29 Years and Chalking

Since 1990, we have established a reputation for our genuine interest in educating students and demanding nothing less than their personal best. We have not handpicked high achievers; we have helped produce them over many years.

Make the Choice!
More than 20,000 Students did.

With Chalkwall offering after school tutoring for students from Year 1 to Year 12, in Mathematics, English and NAPLAN, every student has an equal opportunity to succeed.


With our interactive lessons designed to help you develop skills and strategies to improve your writing and analytics, it’s time for you to feel confident in HSC English!


Our courses have been created to provide the vital skills, resources and attitude that a student needs to succeed in Maths.

Dream Team

This accelerated program will put you way ahead of your peers as you cover topics, terms or even years ahead, and by the time you’re learning it at school, you won’t break a sweat.


The last thing any parent wants is for their child to be a one exam wonder. We need to build on academic skills that will be effective for more than just NAPLAN. With this long term learning approach, our classes will have your child covered for NAPLAN and beyond.

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Be engaged while you learn, believe in your ability and see it in your results.

Medicine Seminar

Find out what's on: from news
to workshops, activities and events.

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Fairfield Tutoring

It can often be difficult to convince our children of the importance of study. Naturally, we all want to believe in the potential of the schools and educational bodies to whom we trust their education. However, in reality, unless your child is afforded personalised learning, there is always a chance that the methods applied will not quite gel with their character. All is not lost, though, because Fairfield tutoring services delivered by the team here at Chalkwall offer something a little different that delivers great results time and time again.

Fairfield Tutoring Services That Deliver Great Results 

Over the past four decades, we have worked on a different kind of educational process. Each and every child has their own personality and way of looking at the world, and we believe that an approach that is built around that affords them the possibility to learn in a way that is more natural and less confusing to them. This is true whether the student is in primary school or high school.

We believe that in finding a path through learning that makes sense and enables a student to apply their own approach to successfully navigate any educational hurdles is not only beneficial academically, but makes for a strong foundation for later in life.

Tutoring Services Designed for Students of All Levels

There are two programs offered here at Chalkwall. The Mainstream Program is designed for those that are underperforming. Perhaps the student is getting results that are average or perhaps falling a little short despite the potential being there for higher grades. Naturally, this can have a negative impact on the student and their belief in their own abilities.

Our goal is to work with them so that they gain a sense of confidence in themselves and enable them to find a more fun way of learning that removes the stigma attached to settling down in the evening. Once they have the right academic grounding, the mental side of learning becomes a whole lot easier, and they can focus on achieving higher and higher results instead of on perceived intellectual shortcomings.

The Dreamteam Program is the second option offered as part of our Fairfield tutoring services. This caters to students that are performing well at school already, possibly in advanced or enrichment classes, and who are in search of the perfect coach to help them take that final step up and realise the full extent of their potential.

These students already have a strong sense of where they wish to go in their career, and so our team can work with them to ensure their academic and mental growth are exploited to the fullest. It’s not so much about following the rules, but instead adapting them to encourage greater insights and a deeper sense of learning and application.

Helping Students Build A Successful Future With Fairfield Tutoring

At Chalkwall, we know that with the right resources and direction in place supporting students they will find the positive and encouraging motivator that they need to embrace their part in the learning process, which is, hard work and belief in one’s abilities. Therefore, putting a student at the centre of our unique approach to education gives them every chance to succeed and learn effective ways to harness their own potential for the future.

Those that believe our Fairfield tutoring services would be of great benefit to their child and can't find a good tutor are encouraged to get in touch today to determine suitability for one of the remaining places on our always popular, and in-demand programs. We look forward to meeting you and giving the student in your home the chance to build toward a successful future.

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