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Why Us

The amazing experiences at Chalkwall will transform your view of learning.

Chalkwall Educators

Not solely textbook reliant, our educators aim to develop frameworks for thought and perfect strengths while reducing any weaknesses. They are keen and vibrant people who always keep their students’ welfare in mind. With these elements combined, they are able to give students a unique experience which makes their learning truly memorable.

Chalkwall Teaching

Parents, students and even teachers are commonly impressed by our commitment to team based learning as well as our thought provoking and interactive teaching philosophies. We don’t want to you be ordinary, we want to inspire you to be exceptional. We don’t merely want to give you answers, we want you to think so that you can get the right solutions.

Chalkwall Support

We know that students can only perform well with the proper support structures to supplement their hard work. This is why our students have access to a wide range of extra services; the Study Hive, one on one support through our Geniuses and  workshops and seminars tailored to the needs of the students. These services are complimentary to all our students. 

29 Years and Chalking

Since 1990, we have established a reputation for our genuine interest in educating students and demanding nothing less than their personal best. We have not handpicked high achievers; we have helped produce them over many years.