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It’s easy to switch to Chalkwall

Do you love everything about Chalkwall but have already committed to a different tuition centre?

We believe nothing should stand in your way of a great education, especially one that you feel drawn to. Not even a non-refundable payment you have made to commit to a term at another tuition centre. This is why with just a few simple steps, you can switch from your current tutoring college to any of our Chalkwall programs without the worry of having to lose any money you have paid for your previous commitment.

Step 1.

Attend an initial assessment and information session at our centre.

Getting a glimpse of where your child is at and knowing about all things Chalkwall is your first step in making the right decisions that will affect your child’s future.

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Step 2.

Be part of the family.

Now that you are certain you want to be part of the Chalkwall family, we’ll take you in like one of our own. Enrol into Chalkwall for this term and the upcoming term.

Step 3.

We’ll give you credit for eligible receipts.

Bring in a proof of payment for your previous commitment and confirmation that you can’t collect a refund, and receive a credit for the amount you will forgo by making the switch to Chalkwall.

I want to switch to Chalkwall

Why switch to Chalkwall?

Visit our centre or contact us via phone or email so we can help you start with the switch to Chalkwall.