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What You Get

Initial Assessment

Snapshot. Pinpoint. 

Measuring knowledge level and pinpointing strengths and weaknesses is vital for anyone to be able to progress and achieve their goals. This is why at Chalkwall we do initial assessments before students enrol into our programs.

There are two main objectives we achieve through these assessments;

  1. We get a snap shot of where your child is academically.
  2. We also get to determine which of our programs best suit your child.

These free assessments are available to all students from Kindy through to Year 12 for English, Maths and UMAT.

Information Session

Be Informed. Involved. Inspired.

The more information you have as a parent about your child’s education, the more you will be able to support and direct them. This is what we believe at Chalkwall.

While your child is doing their assessment, you are invited to sit in for an informative short seminar where you will get to know the ins and outs of all things Chalkwall. This is a great way to know how your child can best make use of our programs and services and also allows you to make an informed decision about your child’s future at Chalkwall.

Discuss Results & Program Allocation

Personalised. One on One. Feedback.

Now that you know everything about Chalkwall and our programs, it’s time for you to get some honest feedback about where your child is at from their initial assessment. You will get the opportunity to sit with one of our trained staff who will briefly discuss your child’s assessment and also give you specific direction about your child’s Chalkwall program.

Genuine Care. Honest Advice.

We care for your child’s academics just as much as you do and ensure that whichever programs we suggest are always in their best interest. We don’t enrol anyone into our programs unless we believe they can benefit from our classes.

Packs & Resources

Commit to a better learning experience.

Now that you have all the information you need, it is time to enrol into our programs and receive your complimentary study packs and resources.

Access Chalkwall Experiences


Real. Fun. Challenging.

The idea of our classes is not to simply provide answers to your children and have them mimic the teacher thoughtlessly. We want a classroom environment that creates thoughts and ideas. We want students to understand why, not just know that it is. Our student centred class structure caters for students’ real time needs. The synergy between students and teacher keeps the environment fun, challenging and motivational. These, along with regular homework assessment and feedback, are the ingredients to a successful lesson.


Make learning. Long Lasting.

You can only give what you have and so you cannot create a great student unless you have a great teacher. Right at the heart of our classrooms are our educators. Their confidence and content knowledge radiates out into the minds and hearts of their students which prepares them to perform at their best. This doesn’t only add to making a successful lesson but it ensures that the lesson has a long lasting impact.


Add a new Dimension to Learning.

Created by experts in the field alongside our most senior teachers, these events are aimed at improving students’ study skills, preparing them for milestone examinations, enhancing their knowledge, pushing them to their limits and exposing them to different learning experiences.

Chalkwall events are designed to assist students in achieving their full potential. The workshops, seminars, short courses and extra curricular programs, by design, add an extra dimension to learning. 

Whether you are feeling low on motivation, seeking useful advice to get through the HSC or needing a crash revision course in a subject, Chalkwall events are the place to find them.


Measure. Progress.

Our dedicated full time coaches are the keepers of all things Chalkwall. Their job is to support and track the performance of students and teachers and always be there to lend an ear or some advice to our parents.