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10% of Chalkwall HSC students scored above a 99 ATAR in 2015.
Students who stay with Chalkwall through to their HSC are 3 times more likely to get an ATAR above 90 then those who don’t. (Based on the 2015 HSC Chalkwall cohort)
98% was the average ATAR of students in our Dream Team Program.
ALL Chalkwall students achieved an ATAR above 90 in our Dream Team Program.
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29 Years and Chalking

Since 1990, we have established a reputation for our genuine interest in educating students and demanding nothing less than their personal best. We have not handpicked high achievers; we have helped produce them over many years.

Make the Choice!
More than 20,000 Students did.

With Chalkwall offering after school tutoring for students from Year 1 to Year 12, in Mathematics, English and NAPLAN, every student has an equal opportunity to succeed.


With our interactive lessons designed to help you develop skills and strategies to improve your writing and analytics, it’s time for you to feel confident in HSC English!


Our courses have been created to provide the vital skills, resources and attitude that a student needs to succeed in Maths.

Dream Team

This accelerated program will put you way ahead of your peers as you cover topics, terms or even years ahead, and by the time you’re learning it at school, you won’t break a sweat.


The last thing any parent wants is for their child to be a one exam wonder. We need to build on academic skills that will be effective for more than just NAPLAN. With this long term learning approach, our classes will have your child covered for NAPLAN and beyond.

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Be engaged while you learn, believe in your ability and see it in your results.

Medicine Seminar

Find out what's on: from news
to workshops, activities and events.

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The Best Tutoring In Parramatta

If your child isn’t doing as well at school as you’d like or if they’re struggling with certain subjects, help is at hand. Even if they’re doing well, you may want to reinforce their regular education to make sure their results are as good as they can be. At Chalkwall, we provide tutoring in Parramatta to cover all situations because we want to help all our students to succeed.

Tutoring for All Students In Parramatta

We can help struggling students as well as those who are achieving good results because we tailor our tutoring to meet the needs of individuals. We don’t believe in providing a set course that everyone follows to the letter because we know all students are different and it’s a method that doesn’t work for all.

Whether your child is in primary school or high school, we have tutors who can help them at any stage of their studies.

Effective Tutoring Achieves Positive Results

All our tutors are fully knowledgeable in their subject and have proven teaching ability. However, effective teaching requires much more than that and each one of them is fully supportive of our aim to help every student reach their full potential so that they can be successful throughout their lives.

Every tutor engages with their students, communicates effectively and builds up a relationship that’s based on trust. They don’t simply teach their students to remember specific facts that are needed to pass an exam but ensure they really understand the subject so they can make future assessments without help each time. In short, they teach students to think independently and really get into the subject.

Our tutoring isn’t simply about an exam at the end of it; it’s about making a positive difference to each student’s life. We give them the knowledge to go out into the world with confidence so they can make a success of whatever they do in the future.

We make them feel happy and at ease in what they’re doing, able to try things without fear of failure. And we encourage them to question what they don’t understand, without embarrassment, so they’re always learning.

You Won't Find Better Tutoring In Parramatta

We can cater for every student’s needs, whatever they might be. If they need extra help in English, we have tutoring in Parramatta to give them the assistance they need. If maths is a problem, our tutoring in Parramatta is able to help them with that as well.

It doesn’t matter what the subject is; we have tutors who are knowledgeable in it. Even more importantly, they have the communication and relationship skills to put the knowledge across in an interesting and easily assimilated manner. They also have a passion for their subject that will enthuse your child and make them eager to learn more. And that enthusiasm will remain with them, so they’re constantly learning in future years.

The subject content we teach is geared to the Australian national curriculum with state variations and so provides everything your child needs. But we also focus on the wider objective of setting your child up for life and take into account their well-being.

We don’t stand still because we’re always updating and evolving our content and methods of teaching, so we’re up-to-date with best practice and provide the most effective tutoring possible. With Chalkwall, your child will be fully prepared for life as well as being able to achieve great exam results.

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