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For any questions, you may have regarding Chalkwall and our Tutoring center and programs, see what others are asking below – some of your questions may have already been answered!

Where do I find FREE parking near the Centre?

Step 1. Park in the Harrow Rd Parking Lot located across the road from the Chalkwall Centre, ensuring you keep your parking ticket with you. Step 2. Enjoy your time at Chalkwall. Step 3. Validate your ticket before you head back to your car with one of the Chalkwall Staff members on Level 2 or Level 4. Step 4. Give your validated Chalkwall Parking Ticket to the Vendor and receive your free parking. If you do not validate your ticket, you are required to pay the ordinary Car Park fee. If your car remains in the Car Park for longer than 30 minutes, the ordinary Car Park fee will apply, regardless of whether the ticket is validated or not. We hope this makes your parking arrangements and trip to Chalkwall much easier!

Why Tutoring? Isn’t school enough?

While Chalkwall sees itself as providing services that complement and supplement the work that schools provide, the reality is that many schools are underfunded or unable to provide the service that we can provide.

In a Chalkwall class, students who want to learn are grouped together. Hence, they develop a competitive nature with one another due to their similar thought processes.  With school classes, wider inequalities can exist.

Our class environments nurture a comfortable relationship between teacher and student allowing students to easily ask for help. This forms an ideal environment for students to get the extra support they need and deserve.

Is one-on-one tutoring better than class based tutoring?

No, not necessarily. Chalkwall believes that small classes are usually best because they support group learning and team building, aiding a student’s personal development and social and communication skills.

In a class environment, students are more likely to develop a competitive nature with learning and students can also benefit from the mistakes and questions of others, as opposed to just their own.

In addition to this, students are more likely to learn in an environment similar to the schools in which they are examined, with research suggesting that this means they can achieve better results.

How does Chalkwall compare with computer tutors or software applications?

There is no comparison.

While computer tuition isn’t bad for practice or repetitive styles of learning, software applications cannot offer what we offer. This is because computer software is limited to a screen. Chalkwall classes are very interactive and promote understanding, not just memorisation.

With our student-centred learning culture, students are reminded and motivated to do their coursework, learn how and why things are done in particular ways and benefit from their interaction with other people and the physical environment.

Are there subjects that all students should get tutoring in?

Subject selection depends on the student’s grade, level of understanding and academic performance. We believe that Chalkwall classes are complementary to everyday schooling and that classes for all subjects can have positive outcomes.

We especially recommend Chalkwall classes for English. This is because building strong English skills starting from the early stages of a child’s development can help with comprehension and success in other subjects.

In addition to English, we recommend Maths. The confidence gained from understanding Mathematical principles and formulas and the problem solving skills that are acquired, can usually motivate students to apply themselves more, learn in other subjects and aid in their understanding of the more complex sciences.

Do you prepare kids for examinations?

Yes, but we do not pretend we can produce miracles.

If a student has done nothing for the whole school term or whole school year then it is unlikely that they will be able to learn everything they need to know for an exam overnight.

We run specially designed workshops and seminars which help prepare students for government and private school set examinations. These also focus on helping to develop learning skills, recommending examination techniques, or promoting self-motivational strategies.

We also run consultation sessions in our Study Hive, whereby students, teachers and parents can request personalised help, covering specific topics or areas of concern in preparation for school assessments.

What are the rates like at Chalkwall?

Our rates are very competitive and transparent. We believe we provide the best value for money in the education industry. We offer various options of payment including discounts for early birds. To find out more, contact one of our representatives and ask about our information sessions.

How much tutoring or study do you recommend your students undertake?

We usually suggest a minimum of 1 to 2 hours per subject, depending on the student’s school grade and individual needs. We allow students and their parents to decide the amount of hours required and encourage additional hours when needed. However, we remind parents that it is good practice to find an equitable balance between study/learning and the participation in other lifestyle activities such as family gatherings, sports and leisure. An over-emphasis on study can demotivate or put unnecessary pressure on students.

How do I get more information?

Call Us Now on 8017 0300

Simply tell the customer service representative that you are thinking of enrolling a child and would like to get some more information. Our representative may then set up an appointment for you or send you some more details.