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About Chalkwall

What is Chalkwall?

Chalkwall is a tutoring company that offers the best personal learning experience after hours for Kindy to Year 12 students in Australia, through our inspiring and empowering educational and extra-curricular based programs.

Many students [and parents] feel that learning is daunting and that high results and academic success can at times be unachievable.  At Chalkwall, we believe you should be engaged while learning, believe in your ability and realise it in your results.

Through our vast educational resources, caring educators and well directed programs we promise to make learning easier, enjoyable and real so you can be smarter, happier and see results.

What is our Story?

Founded as Alpha Omega Tutors, Chalkwall was established in 1990 by a passionate teacher, dedicated to educating the youth of the present day, in order to help produce the leaders of the future.

From humble beginnings, with two rooms at the local Burwood PCYC, and only a handful of students, it grew as a result of a well-developed reputation based around honesty, efficiency, and student-centred learning. 

Chalkwall relies on a philosophy which partners teachers, parents and students, and seeks to empower youth academically by creating a fun, interactive and engaging learning environment. 

With this in mind, it focuses on changing student attitudes towards study and learning so that students could grow to their full potential in all aspects of their lives and excel beyond all expectations.

Chalkwall classes have developed, and will continue to develop over the years, ensuring that all students receive the required levels of motivation, confidence, direction and self-belief. It is only then that students and their parents will find education a rewarding investment.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to empower people through education and  create positive change in the world. 


Our vision is to see every student in Australia become empowered to shape the future. 


Our mission is to offer the best after hours learning experience to students from Kindy to Year 12 in Australia. 


Students First, Simplicity, Positivity, Fun, Excellence, Confidence, Hard Work, Creativity, Vision and Results.

Student Stories


Alpha Omega Senior College

At 14 years old, Liqaa is sure of the goal that she is trying to reach. She wants to become a lawyer, and is working hard everyday at Chalkwall to reach this goal. Read more about how exactly Chalkwall has helped her. 

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Family Stories

Tadi Family

Mother, Bernadeta Tadi, tells the story of how Chalkwall opened the door for her two children to grow academically, now seeing the potential Batrisiya and Mierco have to succeed in their future.

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Student Stories


Al Faisal College

17-year-old student from Al Faisal College,  Toufic Mahfoud, shares his story of how he changed his complacent mindset to become more study-driven and focused to reach his goal to become a neurosurgeon. 

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