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Tadi Family

My seven-year-old daughter, Batrisiya, and my seventeen-year-old son, Mierco, have been involved with Chalkwall since the beginning of this year.

Initially, I had placed Batrisiya in another tutoring centre. For convenience purposes, however, I decided I would make the long drive from Hoxton Park to Chalkwall for both of my children.

Since joining her brother at Chalkwall, I have seen a great change in her attitude towards working. She now perceives learning as a fun activity that excites her; her homework is no longer a chore, but rather something that she looks forward to completing. She knows exactly what she’s already finished, what she’s up to, and what is yet to be completed. As a Year 2 student, it’s refreshing to know that coming to tutoring genuinely makes her happy. So much so that if, for whatever reason, she’ll have to miss a class, she actually gets upset. To know this, for me, makes everything worth it. Never have I had such a positive experience with a tutoring centre before, but I have now and it’s something that we could definitely get used to.

If her enthusiasm to tutoring wasn’t enough to convince me she was changing for the better, her school notified me that they’ve noticed her make great progress during classes. This happened within only weeks of joining Chalkwall.

Mierco finished his HSC this year, and Chalkwall helped him so much as well. We await his results eagerly now.

Now that a light has been shone on the potential that my children have that I was never really aware of before, I am able to have high hopes for what they can achieve in their future. For Batrisiya, I have started to set goals for her reach, so she can just keep growing and improving as she gets older. The way I look at it now is, if she can make impressive progress now as a primary student, my expectations for her future will only increase and I am sure she won’t disappoint.

Some parents I’ve spoken to have argued that tutoring is an expensive option to go through with, but I think that if they took the time to break down the fee with what benefits are included, they will then see the value that it brings to their children. When I pay for my children to go to Chalkwall, I’m not just paying for tutoring classes. They have access to study spaces, the Hive, that gives them the option to get even more help if need be.

Another bonus that Chalkwall had to offer is that all the students that study there, work together to uplift and motivate each other. Where one would usually think these kids would compete to win, instead, it’s a race to become better and everyone is helping each other to win together. It is truly motivational for students who have an encouraging support network around them.