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10% of Chalkwall HSC students scored above a 99 ATAR in 2015.
Students who stay with Chalkwall through to their HSC are 3 times more likely to get an ATAR above 90 then those who don’t. (Based on the 2015 HSC Chalkwall cohort)
98% was the average ATAR of students in our Dream Team Program.
ALL Chalkwall students achieved an ATAR above 90 in our Dream Team Program.
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29 Years and Chalking

Since 1990, we have established a reputation for our genuine interest in educating students and demanding nothing less than their personal best. We have not handpicked high achievers; we have helped produce them over many years.

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More than 20,000 Students did.

With Chalkwall offering after school tutoring for students from Year 1 to Year 12, in Mathematics, English and NAPLAN, every student has an equal opportunity to succeed.


With our interactive lessons designed to help you develop skills and strategies to improve your writing and analytics, it’s time for you to feel confident in HSC English!


Our courses have been created to provide the vital skills, resources and attitude that a student needs to succeed in Maths.

Dream Team

This accelerated program will put you way ahead of your peers as you cover topics, terms or even years ahead, and by the time you’re learning it at school, you won’t break a sweat.


The last thing any parent wants is for their child to be a one exam wonder. We need to build on academic skills that will be effective for more than just NAPLAN. With this long term learning approach, our classes will have your child covered for NAPLAN and beyond.

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Be engaged while you learn, believe in your ability and see it in your results.

Medicine Seminar

Find out what's on: from news
to workshops, activities and events.

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High School Maths & English Tutors In Sydney

High school is the final education stage before moving on to university or college or getting that first job. As such, it’s a crucial stage that needs to be accomplished successfully because it determines what happens in the rest of a student’s life.

High School Tutors Can Be Crucial

The four years from years 7 to 10 and the final two years that follow for HSC can determine how a student’s life maps out from then on. It’s important, therefore, that every possible step is taken to make those years as beneficial as possible.

How High School Tutors in Sydney Can Help

Most schools are good and will do all they can to help your child to succeed. However, they do have limited resources and have to spread their available teaching staff across large numbers of other students. That means each one is unlikely to receive the personal attention they may need.

If your child is struggling in particular subjects or is doing well without achieving the heights they’re capable of; extra tuition may be just what’s needed. It’s help that’s unlikely to be provided by the regular education system where there are too many pressures and conflicting needs to enable individual requirements to be identified, let alone dealt with.

When extra help in mathematics is needed, we have a high school tutor in Sydney to provide the necessary support. Should English be a problem, our high school English tutor in Sydneycan handle that as well. We have, in fact, tutors for all subjects covered by the Australian national curriculum and so can give the required extra input for any student. We also tutor students who are preparing to take their HSC exams.

We have the resources, the ability and the commitment to provide the extra tuition that each student needs to enable them to take that extra step to the grades they’re capable of. More than that, we give them the confidence and the ability to do so much more, not only while they’re at high school, but later in life also.

Achieving Goals With High School Tutoring

In addition to English and Mathematics, we provide tuition in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Legal Studies and Business Studies. But we don’t just deal with them in the same way they’re covered at school, a method that’s possibly failing to fully engage your child. Instead, we offer a more intense and varied process that is intended to ensure each student fully understands the subject rather than simply remembering often disjointed facts.

Our aim is to have every student fully immersed in each subject and the whole learning process so it’s ingrained in them and the assimilation of knowledge is no longer a chore. To do that, we have to be fully aware of each student’s needs and to adapt our tutoring methods to suit them.

We assess each student’s needs and capabilities, determine where we can improve their performance, set goals to achieve that and then teach them in such a way that the required outcome is gained. We always measure progress as we go along to ensure that goals are being met.

At such a crucial stage in your child’s education, you need to ensure they get the most from their high school years and make a successful leap to the next stage. Private tuition from Chalkwall gives them a much better chance of doing that.

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