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10% of Chalkwall HSC students scored above a 99 ATAR in 2015.
Students who stay with Chalkwall through to their HSC are 3 times more likely to get an ATAR above 90 then those who don’t. (Based on the 2015 HSC Chalkwall cohort)
98% was the average ATAR of students in our Dream Team Program.
ALL Chalkwall students achieved an ATAR above 90 in our Dream Team Program.
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29 Years and Chalking

Since 1990, we have established a reputation for our genuine interest in educating students and demanding nothing less than their personal best. We have not handpicked high achievers; we have helped produce them over many years.

Make the Choice!
More than 20,000 Students did.

With Chalkwall offering after school tutoring for students from Year 1 to Year 12, in Mathematics, English and NAPLAN, every student has an equal opportunity to succeed.


With our interactive lessons designed to help you develop skills and strategies to improve your writing and analytics, it’s time for you to feel confident in HSC English!


Our courses have been created to provide the vital skills, resources and attitude that a student needs to succeed in Maths.

Dream Team

This accelerated program will put you way ahead of your peers as you cover topics, terms or even years ahead, and by the time you’re learning it at school, you won’t break a sweat.


The last thing any parent wants is for their child to be a one exam wonder. We need to build on academic skills that will be effective for more than just NAPLAN. With this long term learning approach, our classes will have your child covered for NAPLAN and beyond.

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Be engaged while you learn, believe in your ability and see it in your results.

Medicine Seminar

Find out what's on: from news
to workshops, activities and events.

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Tutoring In Auburn

Is your child in primary school or high school in Auburn?  Then you need to seek out the help of a professional tutor that can help your child excel and get the highest possible grades. 

The Best Tutoring Services in Auburn

Most adults that do achieve financial security do so because they enjoyed the best education and the best tutoring to help them achieve higher grades.  If your child is still in school, then you need to seek out tutoring assistance from Chalkwall right now. Our tutoring centres in Auburn are here to help students succeed in their classes.

We all know just how important high grades are when it comes to landing a bursary or scholarship, getting accepted into universities and colleges and when it comes to achieving success in a future career. 

Reasons To Seek Out Tutoring For Your Child

Tutoring is mostly designed to help struggling students pass their grades or to help prospering above-average students achieve exceptional grades so they can achieve more in life.  But these are not the only reasons to find out-of-school tutors for your child. 

Here are some of the best reasons your child should be getting tutoring in Auburn;

A Variety of Tutoring Programs Available In Auburn

Chalkwall has been assisting primary and high school students since 1990.  Today we have a number of tutoring programs available that include the following;

Foundation program – This program is for students that achieve below average grades of 30% and less. This could be due to a learning difficulty, school absence, trauma or major shift in the curriculum as with foreign students.  Our foundation tutors focus on the early learning foundation of your child and help these struggling students catch up, pass tests and enjoy a higher average performance.

Mainstream program – This program is suitable for English and maths students between the age of 6 – 18.  Our tutors work closely along with children that achieve slightly below average grades of 30% – 50% to help them achieve average results of 50% - 80% so they too can start passing grades.

Dreamteam Program – This program is specifically for English and math students between the age of 10-17 that perform above average for their age group (70% - 95%).  Our tutors assist these English and math students to achieve exceptional grades of 96% - 100% so these students can land scholarships, bursaries or get accepted into leading facilities.

Other tutoring assistance – We also offer tutoring to HSC students (Grade 11 &12) in various subjects such as maths, English, physics, chemistry, and biology as well as UMAT students that are in or planning to go to medical school.

One of the best things you can do for your child is to find a tutor for them.  Help your child do his or her best and enjoy a bright future by giving Chalkwall a call right now.

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