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Time Management

Effective time management is a key component to achieving optimum results. Students will learn the skills required to achieve effective time management, set foundations for planning, and prioritise tasks.

Goal Setting

Students will learn the foundations of goal setting in addition to gaining the necessary tools to implement this essential life skill in the management of all aspects of their lives.

Enhancing Memory

Students will learn a number of exercises and skills they can utilise to enhance their memory. This is particularly helpful when students are working towards examination and assessment tasks.

Study Success

Students will develop a healthy attitude towards their studies. They will also gain the skills to establish effective management of stress levels by working towards finding real solutions to the challenges they face when completing their studies.

Chalkwall - Contact Information

If you would like to invite Chalkwall to your school to present any of our exclusive workshops or if you are interested in finding out more information about our services, then please contact us.

Phone Number02 8017 0300

AddressSuite 32, Level 2, 1-5 Harrow Road Auburn 2144

Family Stories

Hussein Family

This story sheds light on a mother, Aisha Hussein, who studied at Chalkwall. 18 years later, and all her 4 children study at Chalkwall, too.

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Student Stories


Alpha Omega Senior College

At 14 years old, Liqaa is sure of the goal that she is trying to reach. She wants to become a lawyer, and is working hard everyday at Chalkwall to reach this goal. Read more about how exactly Chalkwall has helped her. 

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Family Stories

Tadi Family

Mother, Bernadeta Tadi, tells the story of how Chalkwall opened the door for her two children to grow academically, now seeing the potential Batrisiya and Mierco have to succeed in their future.

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