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Hussein Family

This family long journey all began 18 years ago.

I was in my senior years of high school when my friend recommended Chalkwall (previously known as ‘Alpha Omega Education’) as a port of tutoring that could give me that extra kick that I needed with my school and work ethic.

It was when I met Tarek that I knew that this was no ordinary tutoring course. Chalkwall conducted classes and lessons that changed the game of what others perceived what ‘tutoring’ would actually be all about.

Not a week would go by that didn’t have Tarek changing my understanding on mathematics, but also altering my outlook and mindset on life as well. Insightful, genuine, didactic – there are no better words to describe Chalkwall’s lessons and I definitely reaped the benefits that they provided for me.

What I loved most about Chalkwall was the fact that their teaching methods were unconventional to say the least. They took a unique spin on attaining knowledge and assisted me in a way they probably didn’t think would influence me so much – but it definitely has. If I was comparing how I was taught at school and how I was taught at Chalkwall, there’s a distinguishing aspect to these practices; Chalkwall taught me elements of mathematics that made sense, that stuck and that was so important for me to keep motivated with my studies.

Every question that was asked from myself and the students in my class never had an answer that I wasn’t impressed by. With every answer came a greater understanding, of course, but with also a greater life lesson. I found that the conversations that I had with my tutors always left me with something to benefit from, and I seriously couldn’t be more grateful.

The only regret that I can think of from going to Chalkwall, is not going sooner. If I had heard of the lessons that they provided – not just mind-stimulating maths lessons, but actual personal life lessons, my final marks would have drastically changed. It’s definitely, however, a blessing that my grades lifted the way they did – and I don’t think any other tutoring avenue could have supported me as well as Chalkwall did, so, for that, I will be eternally indebted to them. After all, knowledge is indeed light and I was showered with radiance during my last years of school.

When I finished my studies, I was aware of families who were sending their children to Chalkwall. Still, then, did I hear of the results that students were achieving and that was when I was sure my kids would also be attending.

Fast-forward to today! I now have three kids, Tawha, Amour and Sally. I made certain they began their schooling journey with Chalkwall from pre-kindy and have not missed a single term of tuition. My fourth, Mustafah, will begin in the Kindergarten program next year.

As a parent, it’s only natural we want the absolute best for our little ones. We all have different priorities that we’d like our children to commit to – some care about athletics and sport, some about playing instruments… but for me, the most important key to success is a well-established education from the get-go. I placed my children in public schools and ensured they had additional assistance with Chalkwall, and am pleased to say that they are reaping the benefits of such a greatly planned program, and are ahead of their school grade level.

They haven’t only improved with their education, though. When they’re confident with their abilities, they feel good about knowing the answers that the teachers ask their classes.

By taking them to Chalkwall, I’m training their brain to do more and cope with more in terms of their study. I’d like to think that this investment in time and money is helping my children get what they need to succeed in school and in the future.

 18 years later, and the lessons that were taught to me by those at Chalkwall have been since engrained in me, and will continue to make an impact for me and my children.