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Long term learning will have your child covered for NAPLAN

The last thing any parent wants is for their child to be a ‘one exam wonder’ – a student who learns for a test and generally forgets most of what was learnt after the exam. To address this issue we need to build upon those fundamental academic skills that would be beneficial in your child’s long-term learning development.

At Chalkwall, we can help prepare Year 3, Year 5, Year 7 and Year 9 students for the NAPLAN in a number of different and often complementing ways.

Build Strength

Our regular Chalkwall classes prepare students by revisiting and strengthening Key Learning Areas and disciplines in line with the NSW curriculum. These classes have the added benefit of improving general academic performance and boosting self-esteem.

Get Ahead

We also offer specialised ongoing tutoring classes that prepare students by accelerating their learning and consistently exposing them to, and testing them on, literacy and numeracy skills.

Consistent Practice

We believe the key to long term success is consistency. Getting students into the habit of studying and preparing consistently is vital in strengthening a student’s academic knowledge that will allow them to perform in NAPLAN and other exams. This is why we have incorporated ongoing tasks in our classes and assigned some homework tasks that target core concepts in NAPLAN.

NAPLAN in Term 1

All Chalkwall students will have access to NAPLAN preparation courses in Term 1. The comprehensive literacy and numeracy courses are designed for students to be able to practice different concepts which will be tested in NAPLAN, complete NAPLAN style practice exams, and the opportunity to get support with difficult questions and concepts. The course is structured as two different programs, separating Numeracy (2 day workshop) and Literacy (2 day workshop). This structure offers more flexibility and choice, while assisting students focus specifically on each area at a given time.

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