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The best start – how Chalkwall creates lifelong learners

For over 25 years Chalkwall has shared the learning journey with thousands of New South Wales students. From primary right through to high school, we’ve lent a helping hand, supporting each individual as they find their feet in the educational world.

We believe tutoring isn’t just about achieving one set of results, but about setting up study skills, confidence and resilience that will stand students in good stead as lifelong learners.

Here’s how we achieve this, and the results that speak for themselves…

Good habits and lifelong learners

Learning isn’t just about reciting information on demand, it’s founded in good study habits. And right from a young age that’s what we help instill.

Our aim is to make learning a part of everyday life, that fits within other essential areas like socialising, play, exercise and rest.

We believe that the earlier a child masters good study habits, the greater success they will achieve, setting them up for a lifetime of learning.

The individual

Our role is to support the individual by understanding what makes them tick. We work with children and teenagers to ascertain how they learn best and cater to their style.

We understand that each child learns differently, but focus our tuition on the creation of habits and strategies that work for them.

One-on-one tutoring enables us to focus on the areas that trouble them, hone the areas in need of just a little work, and give them the practice they require to have these skills readily on call.

It’s then important to employ these individual skills in a group environment, which is why we also focus part of our tutoring on studying in groups. In senior years this fosters an ability to group problem-solve, to learn from the experiences of others, and to rise to a challenge as a team.

Confidence and resilience

A major part of education is having confidence in skills, along with the resilience to face a challenge and learn from mistakes.

Confidence and resilience are essential skills that we help build, teaching children and teens to identify ways to tackle problems differently.

Education is not always easy, and there will be glitches along the way. We see these as an opportunity to master new areas.

This resilience sets students up as fearless lifelong learners, where the challenge is to be enjoyed, relished and overcome, rather than holding them back. 

A continued commitment

Learning is about creating building blocks that sit solidly on the foundation of good study habits. We believe tutoring is not just about a one-off attempt to remedy a problem, but a support mechanism that serves students over time.

With our in-depth knowledge of the NSW curriculum we help build these blocks and cement them in position, taking students to the next level as they master essential skills.

Many of our most successful students have been with us from an early age and continue to stay even when their results are going well. They do so in the knowledge our supportive environment fosters their pursuit of the ultimate learning goals.

The ultimate result

For many, the HSC is the pinnacle of their schooling endeavour, and we specialise in guiding students through this often-stressful time.

Our focus is on knowledge, practice and strategy to arm them effectively for the challenge of assessments and exams.

And we have an enviable success record within this arena. Based on the 2015 HSC Chalkwall cohort, students who stayed with Chalkwall through to their HSC are three times more likely to get an ATAR above 90 then those who don’t.

About Chalkwall

We welcome students of all levels to join us as we foster lifelong learners, supporting them in their bid to achieve the results they deserve.

From primary to the senior years, the HSC and right through to university entry exams, we continue to build great study habits, resilience, strategy and knowledge in our tutoring participants. You can learn more about our ethos here, or contact us directly for further advice.


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