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Tutoring tools that enhance a lifetime of learning

Every now and then even the most self-assured and capable student can use a little assistance in the learning department – whether it’s practicing for exams, enjoying additional learning support and tutoring or devising new strategies to embrace a lifetime of education.

This helping-hand is designed to provide students with an array of skills that see them confident, resilient and relaxed in their learning journey.

Here’s how a quality tutoring service like Chalkwall can assist…


Learning is one part retention of facts, and a whole lot of strategy. Learning strategies range from finding the best way to help a student acquire information, to giving them the right tools to complete tasks like oral assessments, essays and exams.

Essentially these strategies enable students to problem solve, no matter the challenge presented to them.


One of the greatest hurdles many students face is finding the confidence to express their ideas, relay information or put learning into practice, and often instilling this confidence is just a matter of supporting a student as they take on new tasks.

While a classroom situation involves working with many students, tutoring enables a student to have individual attention as they work to understand new concepts.

A tutor can cater to an individual student’s learning style and level of understanding, devising and imparting the right strategies to assist, and supporting them as they take in this new information.


Whether it’s preparing for an exam or enhancing their knowledge acquisition, learning is all about practice. Practice involves familiarising students with concepts, ideas and learning strategies to the point where they feel comfortable applying their new-found knowledge.

Importantly, practice allows students to have the basic principles of a curriculum down pat, so they can stretch themselves further, applying what they know to new challenges, even in pressure situations like exams.


Few people have ever achieved great things without the occasional setback, but it’s how they overcame these setbacks that allowed them to succeed. Overcoming hurdles requires resilience and it’s a key asset in any learning toolbox.

Resilience allows a student to keep failures or setbacks in perspective, to learn from them and move on.

Quality tutoring involves working with a student one-on-one or in a group, providing the support, strategy, and practice that gives them the resilience required to see them flourish at school and beyond.


Success at learning leads to a lifetime of passion for education, and in a fast-paced world where technology sees the landscape constantly change, that’s a valuable tool for the future.

Real learning ability extends far beyond the years at school, and furnishes students with the tools, resilience, strategies and confidence to embrace new skills and concepts throughout the education of life.

About Chalkwall

At Chalkwall our aim is to create lifelong learners by equipping students with the strategies, support and resilience they need to thrive in any education setting. Our programs cover primary, high school, the HSC and beyond to specialist university entrance exams.

You can learn more about our successful programs here, or contact us for further advice.

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